Stellar performance in anything is not borrowed. It is a result of robust health. It does not jeopardize true wellbeing. It does not produce undesirable side effects. It does not come from deprivation or lack. Nor does it save itself for the special few.

Lasting high performance does not sacrifice health, but rather, is amplified by it.

Everything at The Official Bree is designed to help you create a physical and mental state of vibrant energy and high performance in an unburdened, uncompromised way that allows you live life fully!

What’s Different About The Official Bree?

Unlike other traditional fitness and nutrition programs, I don’t just put you through a workout and give you a “macronutrient balanced” meal plan. Rather, I take a more wholistic, granular, and comprehensive approach to the body.

I help you optimize how all of you is functioning…with the goal of helping you in a non-compromising manner achieve a state of vibrant energy and high performance, so that you’re not held back in rising to your greatest potential in the things that bring you purpose and joy.

The Official Bree uniquely combines and incorporates the following elements:

Everything I do is designed around helping all of you, even down to the microscopic details, function optimally so you can FEEL and PERFORM your very best, for sport and LIFE!

Here you will NOT find:


Instead, we focus on:

Whether your goal is to have more energy, get out of pain, lose fat, improve sports performance, get stronger, recover from an injury, gain confidence, and/or have better quality of life, I have the tools to help you get there!

Forge more life into your day and performance!

Greater Energy, Performance, and Results Are Waiting

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