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No matter what you love to do, from being a rockstar parent to a top CEO or athlete, you want to feel and perform vibrantly…I help “everyday” and elite athletes optimize the state of their body by making tiny tweaks to how they move, exercise, and fuel in a way that targets optimal functioning of the WHOLE body — bringing about pain-free high performance, vibrant energy, & better health for everyday greatness in sport, fitness, & life.

I create energetic high performers, in fitness and life, and I’m ready to help YOU!

HI, I'M Bree

A top coach, personal trainer, nutritionist, and friend dedicated to helping you live with vibrant energy to perform higher in the things that bring you the most joy!

"When the soul is willing but the body is weak, the body can't fulfill the mission the soul is on."

Ben Angel


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Take your performance and overall results to new heights – Get hands-on attention to help you effectively and efficiently reach and exceed your fitness, health, and lifestyle goals – together we assess all the details of your movement and lifestyle to bring better outcomes to your fitness and life


For everybody with a body…no matter where you’re located. Online + In-app comprehensive programming, guides, coaching, and more available to you 24/7. Get everything you need to elevate your performance and life


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“With a fire in my belly, I’m on a bold mission to help YOU create with intention an unburdened body that’s full of vibrant energy so you can perform with pep the things that make you most happy!”