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Bree is everything I want in a coach and more! I love Bree's exercise, nutrition and whole body approach. Bree believes in making every exercise count and as a busy mom of three, this is crucial to me. I don't have hours to spend in the gym, especially on exercises that are not going to yield results for me. Bree has a passion for nutrition and her expert guidance has changed my life more than I could have hoped.

- Cat -

During my first session I was blown away with Bree's knowledge as a trainer and as a nutrition expert. I came in with several goals and they were immediately addressed. She put me through some very tough workouts and kept me motivated the entire time. Bree is very cutting edge with her methods and is always showing me something new. You will never have to worry about being bored with your workout again, trust me! I have completely changed my approach to fitness and health. If you're looking for an amazing trainer with a great personality, please contact her ASAP she will change your life!

- Jeff -

At 41 years old and 20+ years spent in a gym working out, I thought I had seen and tried everything. That all changed with Bree.

- Katy -

I have learned so much about nutrition and fitness from Bree. Incredible workouts and nutritional guidance that you can do from anywhere. You definitely can tell this is her passion. Top notch!

- Kelly -

I unloaded over 12,000 lbs of hardwood flooring Yesterday in 1 hour. I don't think that I would be walking today if it weren't for you.

- Paul -

I can be self-critical and underestimate my full potential when it comes to my capabilities in the gym. Bree challenged and encouraged me to push through that mindset each time we trained. In time, I was able to see that I was selling myself short and that I could really do what she was asking of me. As a result, I became a much stronger person both physically and mentally. I owe that to Bree. She is the REAL DEAL!

- Bridgette -


My chiropractor recommended Bree to me a couple of years ago to improve my flexibility. Since I have been training with Bree on a regular basis my flexibility has improved significantly, not only improving my posture, but positively impacting my daily activities. My muscle tone has also improved greatly. Bree’s nutritional support has been a major complement my exercise regime and success. Bree is wonderful to work with! She is knowledgeable, personable, caring, very professional and is genuinely dedicated to facilitate me in my quest for overall good health.

- Rose Ann -

I've learned more from you in 3 sessions than I've learned from all of my other trainers combined! And I've had a trainer for the past 7 years. Most of them for 2 years at a time. You are hands down the best trainer I've had.

- Kim -

Bree is one of the super trainers for all of us who want to get healthy and strong. She is encouraging and firm in her discipline. She senses when to push and when to take it easier. I would strongly recommend Bree to anyone whose goal is wholistic in strength and health.

- Bonnie-

I have been working out with Bree for several years. She has helped me out tremendously. Her workouts are tough but effective. I have even referred my mother and brother-in-law to her!

- Janae -

I came to Bree extremely sick, struggling with debilitating gut issues. I was extremely skeptical and discouraged with my health since many doctors could not provide the care I needed. Within just three months of working with Bree, I saw a major improvement in my gut issues, as well as my overall strength. Her positive personality and outlook on life is contagious, and she always comes ready with a smile on! I cannot recommend her enough whether it's fitness goals, or health goals.

- Staley L -

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