High Performance Nutrition…


“Trying to reach your full potential with a poor diet is like trying to go on a road trip on a quarter tank of gas: no matter how determined you are to reach your goals, you’ll always have a limit on how far you can actually go. It’s true when they say that food is the fuel of the body – what we choose to put into it has a MASSIVE impact on how we’ll show up in the world.”

– Lewis Howes


Let’s be honest… good nutrition is something we all know we need but is likely something that needs some improvement. Yes, even for those of us “nutrition junkies” consistently fueling our bodies in a good way, let alone an optimal way can be haaaaard…

And, being that our food supply is inundated with poor ingredients, “food-like” products, refined oils, and a plethora of chemicals, even the most educated and dedicated can be faced with a real struggle consistently providing the body with pure, dense nourishment.

What’s worse is that with SOOOO MUCH conflicting information out there it can get totally confusing and overwhelming to know what YOU should actually be eating and supplementing with for the goal of optimal health, fitness, and performance results. 

The Problem


It may surprise you to hear me say that for (lasting) optimal health and performance, STOP COUNTING CALORIES AND MACROS!!

Approaching the body like it’s a lab is not going to give you the long-lasting fitness, performance, and health results you’re after. While it’s effective for situations such as fitness competitions, it’s not the best option for optimal cellular functioning and the balance of your deep, whole-body function.  

Let’s face it…if the old adage of “calories in vs calories out” worked for long-term health and weight management, we’d all be rockin’ it. But this isn’t the case…we are experiencing not only overweight/obesity at historically high records, but food allergies, illness, and diseases are also at an all-time high. How could this be?!?

*Sad face*…The reality is that much of our “nutrition” advice of today is lacking, insufficient, and sadly, with major bias from big corporations and institutions (aka “big science”) for the past 70 years or more… 

As such, we’ve lost touch with what it means to actually nourish our cells, optimally. We’ve created fads and “nutrition facts” that are either flat-out wrong, or at least not completely hitting the mark. We then try to make up for it with (oftentimes) CRAPPY sourced and produced supplements and “health food” products thinking we’re helping our bodies. We’ve totally changed the whole way we see and approach the experience of being nourished.  

What has resulted is a situation where your body is STRUGGLING to keep up with the deficiencies, toxic loads, and increased demands. How can you ever get, or keep, optimal results when this is going on inside you!? 

While supplying your body consistently with the things that help it to operate optimally can be challenging and confusing…it doesn’t have to be. The problem is that most people start by focusing on the wrong things…



The key to unlocking much greater levels of vibrant health, fitness, and performance is to focus on bringing about better balance and function to your cells and systems. 

No body is designed to be overweight, tired, achy, or ill — Any deviation from vibrant energy, performance, and health is a sign of dysfunction and means your cells and systems are struggling.  

Food is not just fuel, not just energy…it’s information to your cells and systems. Those tiny things called cells that make up YOU are very sensitive to and impacted by the “microscopic” details within the things you’re putting in your mouth. It’s for this reason that one brand of a food item may be great, while another brand of the “same” food item may not be. 

Focusing on how a particular ingredient or food (or supplement) is affecting your unique function is FAR more critical to results, especially long-term, than calories, macros, and other hyped-up conventional (sports) nutrition methods, which miss the mark and can even be detrimental. 

I’m here to tell you that you don’t have to “fight” and deprive your body to look, feel, and perform better…you just need to bring about better function. My approach with YOUR nutrition (and health) is to take a look NOT at calories, macros, or other common “nutrition” methods, but instead at deeper details that individually help you maintain or restore higher levels of cellular function.  

This includes elements such as:

This isn’t to say that quantity doesn’t matter, of course it does. You can’t eat even the best of things all day long and think it’s going to give you optimal outcomes. But the predominant focus on calories and macros (quantity) over or before “quality” (aka the source and granular details of the “what”) can be insufficient and problematic.

I’ll help you start understanding how to fuel your body  in a way that brings about better balance and function, at a deeper level, for the long-term health results you’re after.


Everything you put in your mouth causes an effect at the level of your cells, thereby influencing your outcomes, especially over the long term. When you choose foods, ingredients, and brands that help balance and bring about better function within you, all sorts of wonderful things start to happen, without ever counting a calorie, such as:

Rather than looking at food and your body as a laboratory, I help you make manageable adjustments to the specific details of what you’re eating, with a huge focus on the source (such as in very particular brands), before focusing on specific quantities.

Don’t worry about calories,


Some of the things we’re told, even in the “natural” world, can seriously miss the mark, especially for your unique needs.

Here’s a few examples of common health advice that may be holding you back…​

THINK THESE THINGS ARE (Always) Unhealthy?


Even if you’re eating or supplementing with “healthy” foods, if it’s causing within you:

…Then they’re not actually nourishing for you and can be holding you back from the better results possible for you.


The good news is that feeling and performing better than ever doesn’t require stressful tactics improving function doesn’t demand perfection, but consistency, and some of the simplest swamps can be wildly significant to your function, without you barely even recognizing that you’re doing anything different at all.

Are you ready to boost your function and take YOU to the next level of health, fitness and performance!?

Targeted Medical Grade Supplementation:
Improve Health Problems without Drugs

In addition to health and nutrition via food, I also offer and incorporate deeply targeted, medical grade supplemental protocols to powerfully help bring about better health, healing, detoxification, and balance
to your system. 

Some of the outcomes I’ve successfully helped clients improve by utilizing these protocols include:

  • Low immunity
  • Hypothyroidism
  • Mood disorders
  • Fertility problems
  • Chronic headaches
  • High blood pressure
  • Hormone imbalance
  • Unhealthy cholesterol
  • Low energy and fatigue
  • Autoimmune conditions
  • Poor sleep and insomnia
  • Gout and joint inflammation
  • Gut and digestive issues (celiac, constipation, etc.)
  • Blood sugar imbalance (diabetes)
  • Liver congestion and sluggishness
  • And more…

The specific remedies and protocols are bespoke to you, and evolve month to month (roughly). This is because the process of balancing and healing your function (and thus any dis-ease) is an evolving process. The type, amount, and specific nutrients and elements your body needs right now to help bring about better function is going to be different than it will be days or weeks down the road. It’s for this reason that it can actually cause imbalance and dysfunction when you chronically take the same supplements month over month, in the same amount, even if they are the very best ones.


The products used are not only medical grade, but they are not your typical “supplements” like you find at the health foods store. That’s why I differentiate by calling them “remedies.”

What’s the difference? Well, they are, to use a big word, what’s called “protomorphogens,” “cytosols” + other complete complexes that target very specific cell and systems, acting essentially as a blueprint for that specific cell type (say for example, a thyroid cell), providing it with the unique elements that that cell and system needs to heal, regenerate itself, and function well. This is all at a deep layer provided within the remedy, in many cases at the level of the chromosome.


To read more on the significant difference between these “remedies” and traditional supplements and the powerful potential they have to help your health and healing, click HERE.


For questions about all of this, how it works, and what it can do for YOU, contact Bree to discuss your unique needs and goals, or set up an individual consult session.

“Health is freedom. When you have a healthy body, you have the world at your fingertips
— and you should never take it for granted.”

– Lewis Howes

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