Stellar performance in anything is not borrowed. It is a result of robust health. It does not jeopardize true wellbeing. It does not produce undesirable side effects. It does not come from deprivation or lack. Nor does it save itself for the special few.

Lasting high performance does not sacrifice health, but rather, is amplified by it.

The Official Bree
F'n Fantastic Function
F3 System

F3 System: Where Strength, Health, & High Performance Converge


Everything at The Official Bree is designed to help you create a physical and mental state of vibrant energy and high performance in an unburdened, uncompromised way that allows you to live life fully!

Here at The Official Bree,
I incorporate a 3-tier approach of...


Hence…the F3  😀 Optimizing each of these three areas gives you just that…            F’n FANTASTIC Function…to feel amazing, get better results, and perform higher at the activities most important to YOU.

To get long-lasting health, fitness, and performance results that leave you feeling energetic, vibrant, and happy, all three of these components need to be incorporated into your approach, and that’s what we do here.


My approach with these three tiers is not your same old common fitness and nutrition advice *cough* counting calories and macros *cough*…

Unlike other fitness and nutrition programs, I don’t just put you through a workout and give you a “macronutrient balanced” meal plan. Rather, I take a more wholistic, granular, and comprehensive approach to the body. 



I provide FUNCTION-ALL fitness plans and routines for you to start nourishing and strengthening ALL of your body and its systems. The programs COMBINE comprehensive functional fitness with movement practices that leave you stronger, fitter, and higher performing – without dysfunction or compromise.



Specific details of how you move your body and the state of all your tissues is what I call "fluidity". This goes beyond just “form” but entails the biomechanics of your posture, your positioning even at rest, your mobility, stability, and how your body as a whole moves throughout your workout and your life. We incorporate “corrective exercise” into your routine to help you feel good in the skin you’re in, to reach higher levels physically, and to ensure a more nourishing fitness experience for your body – rather than one that depletes it or which adds strength to dysfunction.



This is the area I believe MOST important…the “functional” nutrition tier. Without your cells and systems getting the right array of nutrients and support, it doesn’t matter how much time you spend on fluidity and fitness, you’ll never experience the true health, fitness, or performance results you’re capable of…at least for a long. The most IMPACTFUL tier for results in ANY area is (cellular) nutrition.

For a more in-depth explanation of the different (and better!) health + nutrition approach you will experience at The Official Bree, visit our Health + Nutrition page.

I help you optimize how ALL of you is functioning so you can reach higher levels of vibrant energy and performance  so that you’re not held back in rising to your greatest potential in the things that bring you purpose and joy – within fitness and life.


For more about Bree and my qualifications, visit the “Meet Bree” page.

Ready to feel better, get more fit, and become an energetic high performer!?

Here you will NOT find:


Instead, we focus on:

Whether your goal is to have more energy, get out of pain, lose fat, improve sports performance, get stronger, recover from an injury, gain confidence, and/or have better quality of life, I have the tools to help you get there!

Forge more life into your day!

Greater Energy, Performance, and Results Are Waiting

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