What Are the (Actual) Healthy Fats?

Fat in particular still seems to be a topic of confusion and misunderstanding. And this is not surprising, as we have been fed a lot of conflicting, biased, and incorrect “information,” particularly since the 1950s (thank you Ancel Keys…) regarding which fats are good for you and which fats are bad for you.  We could […]

Bree’s Flourless Fudge Brownie “Protein” Bars

These delicious bars have become one of my frequent staples because they are easy and fast to make, are a great on-the-go snack, and…taste like dessert!  I prefer using black beans, though I do sometimes swap the black beans for white navy beans. I would not recommend garbanzo or other beans as the flavor and […]

Unhealthy Food Ingredients to Avoid…And Why You Want To

Top Harmful Food Ingredients You Should Never Eat Unfortunately, in our world today, most foods and food products are produced using chemicals, and in each step of the production process, including the packaging in which they come. From ground up much of our food is grown and manufactured with several unnatural chemicals, and sadly, due […]